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I cannot begin to describe how kind and compassionate Dr. Allen was to my mother when she had to make the hardest decision to have her 20-yo-kitty PTS. My mom is in her ’80s, and her cats are a huge part her life. She is not physically mobile enough to get a very ill cat into a carrier, hail a taxi or get on the subway, and get herself back home with the carrier after saying goodbye to her boon companion of many years. My mom, herself a nurse for almost 60 years, felt very well taken care of and Dr. Allen was even kind enough to sit with her and her surviving cats to make sure everyone was okay. I would highly recommend her services as she brings a calming presence into a highly stressful and emotional experience.
~ Kelli

Dr. Allen was an amazing find for me. She was compassionate, understanding, patient and most important kind and gentle to both my beloved Cocker Spaniel, Midnight and me during this difficult time of our 13+ years of love for each other. It is a very difficult time when making the decision to respectfully end your beloved animals time on earth. Midnight and I spent his last moments of life cuddling together in a very peaceful and dignified manner. Dr. Allen provided that peacefulness for us. He went quietly laying on his favorite mattress, with his two kitty buddies with him. He is now in the Rainbow Bridge running and playing and out of pain and discomfort. We love and miss you Midnight, and Thank you Dr. Allen.
~ Dorothy

A few years ago, we brought an injured kitten named Lina to a vaccine clinic that Dr. Allen was doing in a pet store. She went out to her car, got eye medicine for Lina, and showed us how to apply it. Soon after that, she came over to our home to check on Lina. Dr. Allen took her in the bathroom to wash the “dirt” off her head, only to discover that the dirt was actually dried blood. When all the dried blood was gone, we were looking at her skull. The next day, Dr. Allen brought us antibiotics and cream to put on Lina’s head. She then lent us $200 to take Lina to the ophthalmologist and even went with us to the appointment. Dr. Allen proceeded to follow up, coming over several times to check on Lina until she was healed, although Dr. Allen lived over an hour away. Ever since, Dr. Allen has been helping us with another cat, ordering compounded medication for her every few months, charging us only what the medicine costs her. You’d be hard-pressed to find another veterinarian who goes out of her way for her patients the way Dr. Allen does
~ Andres

“Nancy is such a caring and wonderful person and vet. She will take whatever time is needed in order to treat your animal. Having the convenience of her making house calls makes her even more outstanding. That is such a wonderful service. It is less stressful for both animals and people. Nancy travels basically up to two hours in any direction so she really covers such a wide area. And if for some reason your animal needs treatment that she can not provide, she will refer you to excellent specialists. She drove my cat to a great, new surgical clinic an hour and half away. I would not have been able to do that without her. She is a gem of a vet and so lucky to have found her. God forbid you need to euthanize your beloved pet, she is available to come to your house at any hour. That right there really provides some comfort and peace at the time of “Rainbow’s Bridge” If you live within the range of where she travels, you should check Nancy out. Thank you so much for all you do for my animals They are members of my family and I really want the best for them”
~ Andrea Joy

“Dr. Allen is a good friend, and today she was a best friend. My beloved Nanny, a 14-year-old Border Collie, had an end-stage liver disease. She was so very sick, but it was such a comfort to be able to have this kindest soul Doctor come to Nanny’s home so she could just pass away in peace in her little spot that she always loved. Dr. Allen took away her pain, and she spent her last few minutes sleeping comfortably before she was gone at last. This is the only way to say goodbye to your precious companion. Thank you, thank you Dr. Allen – professional, patient, compassionate, and there when you need her the most!”
~ Lj K.

“Dr. Nancy Allen came to end the suffering of my beloved Cocoa Puff who was dying of end-stage kidney disease. Dr. Allen was gentle, respectful of my feelings and of Cocoa Puff herself. Her method was humane and gradual. She took her time and explained everything she did and everything that Cocoa Puff was experiencing. Afterward, Dr. Allen wrapped Cocoa Puff in one of her little beds and tied her with the ribbons Cocoa had been playing with when she had been healthier. This was the best euthanasia experience I’d ever had with a pet. Although I hope to not need to go through this again for a long time, when I do I certainly hope Dr. Allen will be there for us again.”
~ Joelle W.

“Dr. Allen was professional and a real comfort to my family and me when I had to euthanize my dog on short notice. She responded to my phone call immediately and explained the process of euthanizing my dog at home. Her compassion and caring are evident, and my beloved dog was in good hands in his final moments. I would highly recommend her as a veterinarian.”
~ Cindy U.

“Dr. Allen was a blessing to our family. Our 13-year-old boxer declined in health quickly on the 4th of July. We found Dr. Allen’s information from and contacted her. She lives 2 hours from our home and made the trip out to us on a Holiday with an hours notice. She was calm, respectful. patient and gentle. She answered all questions we had until we were comfortable to proceed with the euthanasia. We can’t thank her enough for her service and her patient, peaceful demeanor.”
~ Victoria T.